Fare Sale: SEA/PDX to Boston on AS, AA, and UA for $218-260 (3.9-4.4 CPM)

HT to The Flight Deal for sharing a cheap fare between Portland and Boston on Alaska Airlines for just $238. Although it’s a nonstop flight so the CPM is higher than my usual goal of 4 cents per mile, often this is close to as good as it gets for this carrier (no stops means no adding connections for extra miles at the same price). However, I did play around with it, and there are lots of things you can do to make this deal suit your own needs. For example, depart from Seattle and you can save even more by paying only $218 (4.4 CPM).

Alaska SEA-BOS

Or, American Airlines and United Airlines have comparable fares that connect in places like DFW, SFO, and IAH. Although you’ll pay closer to $260, the added distance brings the CPM down to 4.1 CPM (American) or 3.9 CPM (United).

American SEA-BOS

United PDX-BOS

Hopefully these examples demonstrate how to take news about one sale on a particular route or carrier and explore other options. Often airlines will lower their prices to remain competitive with a competitor, or in cases like Portland and Seattle there may be very similar fares from either city to the same destination.

Need help searching? Check out my three part introduction to using ITA Matrix and don’t forget to check other nearby departure airports.

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  • cedarglen

    Those fares appear to be good. I’m always watching for good deals between PDX and BOS. While not terribly interested in the connecting flights offered my American and United, sometimes they are necessary. As I have to begin most trips at EUG, a transcon from SFO is not unusual. Sadly, the first leg, from EUG to where ever is often the most expensive and the most uncomfortable. Flying from a third string city is a bitch, in dollars, time and little airplane discomfort. Although United (via regional) offers a few some options, I avoid them like the plague; no matter what they claim or try to offer, they are a horrible airline, a collection of antiques that could not solve a problem even if the solution was painted on the wall. The most common word in United’s vocabulary is ‘No.’
    I’m already working on two trips, PDX-BOS as I write. Is not so much about the miles as it is getting there and back for a bit less. No matter what option is used, the trip still translates into an extremely long day, each way. Wrung out travelers don’t need to hear the ‘No’ word and United so dearly loves so I don’t use them if I have other options. Thanks for the tip! -CG

  • Douglas Nagy

    “In this case, I searched from PDX to FLL using the routing code “DL DL+” — huh?
    This from your last paragraph above seems completely non-sequitur in the context of this blog post. Help me out, please.

    • Scottrick

      That was accidentally copied in from another post, and I’ve removed it. Usually after sharing the results one or two people ask me how to find it in the first place, so I include the links to the ITA instructions.