Did United Airlines Help You Find Love?

United Airlines is running a short contest for St. Valentine’s Day, asking customers to write in with stories about how flying on United helped them meet their partners or even factored into their proposals and wedding ceremonies. The winning entry gets two business class tickets to any destination United serves — worldwide.

United love

Entries must be received by 10 AM on February 5. Personally, I took Megan on a United flight to Hawaii when I proposed and used United miles to book our honeymoon, but that probably isn’t enough involvement to win this prize. A panel of employees will be selecting the winner so make sure it’s a good entry!

How to Enter:

1.   Log-in to the Hub with your MileagePlus® number

2.  Submit your contact information and story by Feb. 5 at 10 a.m. (500 words or less)

3.   Upload a photo of you and your significant other (1MB or less)

4.   Agree to the Terms and Conditions

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  • jim

    You are making mistakes. Instead of playing their nonsense games, you should be going to their FB and Twitter page to voice displeasure, unhappiness, outrage and disappointment about the massive devaluation in award tickets starting tomorrow. 87% increase!

  • Amol

    They helped me find love with American Airlines.

  • harvson3

    I went to visit my then-girlfriend (now my wife) when she was working in India. I flew EWR-DEL, then DEL-EWR. I now love that she’s no longer living in New Delhi and I love that I never have to take those flights again.

    • Scottrick

      I agree, probably not a route I’d want to be on regularly. Megan and I briefly considered the possibility that she would take a job in DC or I would take one in SFO. I could handle the commute (she would never do it), but she would still not enjoy being apart.

  • aegt

    ARV of $9200. I am not paying $3K in taxes.