Using AwardWallet to Track Your Miles & Points

The biggest problem I have as a frequent traveler — besides trying to keep up on the latest news and gossip — is tracking my miles and points. I am a member of over 20 different loyalty programs, and I also track another dozen for Megan. In addition to keeping track of account numbers and passwords I need to know how many points in each program and when those points expire. AwardWallet is a great online tool to make sure these problems never happen.

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Now, some of you may remember I took issue with a particular ad on AwardWallet last year, but I never changed my position that it was a useful service. I actually suggested they charge people more to use it. But we’ve worked past our differences, and I can comfortably recommend AwardWallet to new users. Read on to learn how to win one of 15 free upgrades to their premium service!

There are FIVE key features of AwardWallet I’ll discuss in this post in hopes of convincing you to start using AwardWallet:

AwardWallet is free to use. Anyone can create an account and use it indefinitely at no cost, so there’s no reason not to sign-up. But upgrades are available that enable you to track historical account balances, add additional expiration alerts, and export data to Excel.

AwardWallet basics

AwardWallet stores your account numbers and passwords to automatically update balances, elite status, and expiration dates. Click on one to visit that program directly. Not comfortable with sharing passwords? You can still create a profile and update information manually. (My number one use for AwardWallet is just remembering account numbers.)

AwardWallet lets you track multiple users from one account. Logging into multiple accounts is annoying, and often each family only has one fanatic who keeps track of things; Megan and I use each others’ miles and points all the time. So instead I’ve linked her account to mine so all of her program balances show up in their own section.

AwardWallet tracks more loyalty programs than any other service I know of. It includes the obscure (WallyPark’s WallyClub frequent parking program), the ubiquitous (Hyatt Gold Passport), and even some that barely relate to travel. There are hundreds of programs!


AwardWallet automatically collects your upcoming reservation details to create online itineraries. Now, this service isn’t quite as seamless as TripIt, but it at least it doesn’t require you to feed it information. You can also import existing itineraries from Sabre’s VirtuallyThere.

Now, what about those free upgrades? They’re good for six months each, and I earn them when new people sign up for AwardWallet. I certainly don’t need them all for myself, so here’s how to get your hands on my stash. Just make a comment below and I will randomly select 15 people to receive one upgrade code each. Existing users may also enter. Your comment should be one of the following:

  • One question you have about AwardWallet if you’re new to the service.
  • One of AwardWallet’s features that you really like.
  • One feature you wish AwardWallet would add.

Update: All winners have been selected and contacted. You are welcome to post additional comments, but you will not be entered for a free upgrade.

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  • josh f

    I like the email notifications before your miles expire

  • achin jain

    i would prefer to know the transfer rates amongst different programs if they are avaliable.and if that is available then may be transfer btw those programs.

    • Scottrick

      That would be useful. I already share some information on this page if you scroll down to “Comparison Tables”.

      • achin jain

        You have indeed and thanks for that! But I am more looking for different set of airlines like SQ / Qantas etc

        • Scottrick

          Generally you can’t transfer between airlines. Several of the programs on that table transfer to SQ and other foreign carriers. If there are others I’m missing, please send them my way and I’ll update it.

  • Margo

    I wish I could use award wallet to keep track of American Airline miles.

    • Rings

      You can Margo.

    • Scottrick

      Yup, recently added back. They managed to come to an agreement.

  • Ryan

    enjoy how you can hover over a partner you have added and it provides a popup with more details and recent activity.

  • Haldami

    I wish it would automatically update united miles.

  • Piyu

    1. You can login to your loyalty program by on click in browser.
    2. I would like award wallet to redesign their iPhone app little bit. It can be more user friendly and interactive.
    3. Put some valuation behind miles/point and show total money you have as miles/points or just total amount of miles you have.

    • Scottrick

      MileWise did a great job at #3. Now that it’s been shut down by Yahoo after barely a year, maybe there’s some room for AwardWallet to add that feature.

      • Piyu

        Yes I did like it on MileWise

  • earnmile

    I wish AwardWallet had an award calculator to help plan and spend your miles.

  • Carla

    I love when I make a reservation and it shows up there. I wish it would tell me which accounts I can combine all my points together.

  • John Thomas Mead

    I like that it allows me to track mine and my wife’s award balances with one log in

  • Stanley C

    i wish more airlines (asian carriers and low cost) reservations can be retrieved than the current ones

  • MidTierStatus

    Remembers passswords

  • Vickie Holland

    There were quite a few negative reviews on Award Wallet including one that said that it didn’t work for Delta. I thought I would look for another app, but haven’t found another comparable (so maybe I will give it a try anyway). I like the concept of having all the data in one place. For years, I have carried a card the size of a business card with all my numbers on it. I have used a spreadsheet to track miles, but it took too much work to maintain. I have recently gotten back into points and miles collection and am looking for a good system. Are there other similar programs that you recommend?

    • Scottrick

      Actually, it’s Delta that won’t work with AwardWallet rather than the other way around, but they have had some success lately persuading other carriers to cooperate again after previously asking AwardWallet to stop accessing their systems. You can still add your information manually.

      AwardWallet also produces the OneCard, which will list dozens of account numbers on the outside and in the magnetic strip so you can use it for easy reference and use it to check-in.

      Beyond a spreadsheet, the only other service I know of is UsingMiles, but they’re going to have the same problem with Delta. They also charge more for extra services like expiration alerts.

  • Sam

    One feature you wish AwardWallet would add.
    ====> Medalion/Elite status advisor!!!!!

    Every one is using it except me!
    Please allow me to use it !!!
    We met in Chicago and you gave me some advice on how to use the matrix!
    Please make my day!

  • Sriki

    Existing User. I really like the trip alert and I wish they would add the ability to trade/sell/exchange points/miles there.

  • frugalman

    One question you have about AwardWallet if you’re new to the service:
    I understand UA is one of the website that does not allow awardwallet to directly access and currently you have to manually enter or forward the monthly statement. But would Awardwallet sue the airline on behalf of its cusotmers who authorize its access?

    • Scottrick

      Lawsuits are expensive, and I’m not sure what the basis would be. I know they are using what financial resources they have to maintain more peaceful negotiations to regain access. They recently succeeded in convincing American to cooperate again.

  • Joeheg

    I really like AwardWallet’s sort features. It allows me to list my programs by point expiration date. If I have one which is close to the cutoff, I can easily credit a car rental or make a shopping portal purchase to extend out the points. No more expired points!!

  • Richard

    Wish AwardWallet would include Delta SkyMiles!

    • Scottrick

      You can add your account information manually. I’m not aware that Delta allows any service to update automatically.

      • Guest

        Yeah, they allow you to add it manually for Delta…I don’t understand why neither AwardWallet or UsingMiles allows you to manually track AA miles.

  • Julia

    Email notifications on expiring miles are great!

  • pepper4

    Luv AwardWallet; wish there was an option to update by kind, eg airline accounts only, or hotel accounts only, etc. Rather than all or none.

  • Sol

    I like when they notifying me about flight schedule changes.

  • DW

    I like that award wallet keep track of my travel plans too.

  • vinay

    Best thing is reminders about points/miles nearing their expiration date

  • Terence

    Award Wallet should add push notifications to the iOS app and allow the user to set a passcode in case someone’s device gets compromised. Overall though, I find the service very useful.

  • Josh

    I like the auto login feature so that I don’t have to remember passwords for programs I don’t use often

  • Matt S

    I like having all my points aggregated in one place. Over the years I have lost so many smaller point amounts in various programs to expiration. No more!

  • RC

    Existing user – are you comfortable saving your passwords on their server, or do you have AW save them locally for you?

    • Scottrick

      I’m comfortable having AW save them on their server, but it probably doesn’t matter much to me if they only offered one or the other.

  • Michael

    Same as you, I use it mostly to remember account numbers!

  • Douglas Lin

    AW needs to add united and AA mileage tracking

    • Scottrick

      AwardWallet does track AA. But United has not been cooperating with them lately.

      • Ben Price

        United, Delta, and Southwest are the Big 3, in my opinion, that make AW a drag. Otherwise, I’d gladly pay 5x what AW charges (it’s actually free, but for the upgrading version, it’s a $5 “donation”). The service is invaluable and I recommend them to everyone.

  • Neal

    Its the perfect place to store all your FF numbers. I have 109 accounts with myself and family. Trying to do this manually would be a nightmare. What could take hours now just take literally seconds.

  • Stuart

    Love that it’s all in 1 place for me to view, but AW needs to add better airline mileage tracking (can you hear me Southwest)?

  • AV

    i like the fact you can update all your accounts instantly with one click

  • Darrin Earl

    I haven’t used it in a LOOOONG time… but sounds like I need to try it again.

    Given that they have info on all your elite status’, it would be fascinating if they used that information in a Hipmunk-esque way to say, recommend hotels based on total value (price + rewards + elite amenities much as I manually do the math myself)

    Oh crap, there I go, product managing other companies products.

  • jayy

    How comfortable are you that passwords can’t be compromised?

    • Scottrick

      Comfortable enough to give them to AwardWallet.

  • Lena

    I have trouble organizing and remembering all my frequent miles & points, and Award Wallet is a great way to store & keep up….it’s the feature I love the most! I’m still learning how to maximize it’s value and remember to enter everything before I lose or forget about my account number and/or passwords.

  • UF

    One of AwardWallet’s features that I really like are the expiration dates next to each account. Definitely a saver when some accounts haven’t been used in a while.

  • KarenC

    I love the one card, my husband and I both enjoy having this is our wallet and updating it every 6 months.

  • Karsh

    I love the convenience of having everything all in one place!

  • Jeff Hddn

    I use Award Wallet to remember all my account numbers, and tracking points is a breeze!

  • Larry

    would be nice if AW also tracked mileage promotions for each of my accounts (or promotions for transferring points from MR into the airline programs)

  • Deltasegmentrunner

    How is this better than tripit which I use for tracking my trips and points. On tripit and I would possibly award wallet there are 2 work around for tracking delta points. One is you just email your monthly statement and it adds it OR if you have a American Express Delta Card just add that and it will track your points automatically.

    • Scottrick

      TripIt Pro costs $49 per year. AwardWallet costs zero, though you have the option of paying something extra if you find it useful. AwardWallet also tracks a variety of non-travel rewards programs.

  • cahdot

    is it worth the price $/?tracking it all would be nice /can it all be done very automatic?? does it look for deals for you also???

    • Scottrick

      The price is what you choose to pay. Most pay $5 per six months, which is reasonable.

      Alerts are sent automatically when miles are about to expire. A list of current offers from some programs is posted, but you need to visit that page to read them.

  • FEV7

    I don’t need the upgrade but just want to echo your comments on AW. It’s nice to have everything in one place so I can quickly reference the various programs for me and for family members.
    Of course, I wish I did not have to manually update some of the programs that have “blocked” AW access, but that’s a very small issue for me in the big picture.

  • LRZ

    I’d love the upgrade. The thing I like most re AW is the easy availability of all my numbers in one place. It’s great.

  • Z

    Just signed up and would love an upgrade… don’t know enough about the site yet to have questions, but will be investigating today!

  • lagvoid

    Hopefully this counts as an eligible comment. I’m just just getting into the points game and I’m looking into the best FREE tracking tool out there recommended by the experienced. I’ve come across a few 1:1 comparisons but nothing very inclusive. Would you consider writing an article based on your observations for free tracking tools? I would also love the opportunity to try out AwardWallet’s paid features!
    Thank you

  • Paul

    Would love to see AwardWallet partner more closely with Hotel/Airlines to provide status match/challenge promotion/program information as part of the miles/points information they display when you hover over your registered programs.

  • justthebest

    Delta seems to work for me, but I cannot, after many efforts, get Hyatt Gold Passport to work. Anyone else have this problem?

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  • tiddle

    “AwardWallet stores your account numbers and passwords”

    For much of that reason, I never use aggregate site like AwardWallet. I don’t like providing my login credentials like passwords to a single site. If you ask anyone whether they would do this with their multiple online banking sites from a single portal, anyone would laugh in your face because of privacy and security issues. Then why should we be doing it for sites like AwardWallet?

    • Scott Mackenzie

      AwardWallet provides the option to store your passwords. You may choose to only enter your account number and manually update your balance, but that does make it less convenient.

      There are several popular services that allow people to access all of their bank account information through a single portal, so I don’t think your analogy is the most accurate. Furthermore, one could argue that the sensitivity of the information stored in a travel loyalty program is less than that of a bank account, so the risk is lower.

      • tiddle

        You can use it all you want, but it’s just not the kind of service I would use. I don’t want any single point-of-failure.

        • Scott Mackenzie

          Then don’t use it. You don’t have to. I’m just countering your argument.

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