Earn Double EQMs or Double Miles on Many Alaska Airlines Routes

I shared the news on Monday evening that Alaska Airlines was going to launch new routes from Seattle to Tampa, Detroit, and New Orleans. But in the official announcement on Tuesday morning we were also told that these routes would be eligible for double miles — and in one case double elite qualifying miles, as well.

Alaska double miles

Lots of Alaska Airlines routes offer Double EQMs and/or Double Miles

This is a great opportunity to remind you that Alaska is offering Double Miles and Double EQMs on lots of other routes, including popular routes up and down the West Coast and for flights in and out of Salt Lake City. Alaska and Delta’s competition has made it easier than ever to earn miles and elite status in Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan, one of the best frequent flyer programs in the U.S.

Seattle – West Coast (Now through May 31)

  • Double Miles and Double EQMs
  • Travel to/from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa
  • Register before travel

Salt Lake City – West Coast (June 9 through August 1)

  • Double Miles and Double EQMs
  • Travel to/from Boise, Portland, San Jose, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • Register by June 15

Seattle – Detroit (September 4 through October 31)

Seattle – New Orleans and Tampa (June 12 through August 15)

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper – Copyright © Karl L. Swartz

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  • Charlie

    I hope Delta responds with double MQM on some of their longer routes out of Seattle.