Is March 15 the Deadline for 100K American Miles?

Citi is currently offering a great deal on the Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World Elite™ MasterCard®, which comes with an Admirals Club membership and 100,000 American AAdvantage miles when you spend $10,000 in the first three months. You’ll also get $200 in poorly defined statement credits, bringing the net cost of the card down to $250 even after paying the $450 annual fee up front.

I’m seriously considering getting this card because I’ve just switched my loyalty to American Airlines and my Amex Platinum Card will no longer get me access to the Admirals Club starting this March. The problem is I don’t want to apply right away. Why? I already have some big minimum spend requirements to meet and would prefer some breathing room. Also, my Platinum Card is still useful until mid-March. Why duplicate a benefit? I could apply anyway just to earn the miles. $250 for 100,000 miles is really good. Still, I have reservations. Just gimme a month.

The big question is: How long do I have left to apply before the offer gets pulled? The landing page for this offer doesn’t say.

Of all the things to be good at, I’m apparently amazing at getting myself removed from unsolicited spam mailing lists. I receive one, maybe two credit card offers a year, and they’re usually for ones that I don’t really want. So I have to rely on Megan to stay in the know. She gets offers for everything!


When we arrived home from Chicago on Sunday night, I was excited that Megan had a big black envelope waiting for her from Citi. She had been “pre-selected to apply” for the same 100,000-mile offer, although there was no mention of any $200 statement credit. I probably can’t use her application because it has her name and a unique offer code. But it also has an expiration date.

Megan needs to apply by March 15, 2014, to get her 100,000 miles and Admirals Club access. The date actually makes some sense. If she had a Platinum Card (which she doesn’t) she could apply on the deadline and within seven days receive her new credit card, maintaining access to the Admirals Club without interruption.

I don’t know that this same deadline applies to the better online offer that includes a $200 statement credit and appears to be available to everyone, but it’s a start. My guess is there’s a 50% chance it expires on March 15, and a 50% chance it expires before then. My advice if you are worried is that you don’t need to rush your next Citi credit card application.

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  • Gabriel Leigh

    Great to know – I’d been wondering the same thing!

  • Mason

    My wife and I have the exact same luck with credit card offers in the mail. I get zilch and she gets the good stuff.

  • Kalboz

    Thank you Scott for the great news … is next App-O-Rama is scheduled for the first week of March. Hoping that we won’t have devaluation afterward!

  • wiznick

    Thanks for the post. I was wondering the same thing. I already have some minimum spend requirements. I can definitely wait another couple of weeks.

  • cashkicker

    all the bloggers are oooing and ahhhing about this card. It would only be for someone that has 4-6 Citi AA cards already….why would you pay $450 and do the HUGE required spend when you can get the personal and business citi AA amex, visa, and mastercard products? they have lower signup bonuses 50K instead of 100K but they only require a fraction of the spend and most offers waive the annual fee for the first year… 100k with 2 cards at 3000 spend each and $95 annual fee WAIVED the first year….or the $450 card with $10000 spend….a real no brainer unless you already have every other AA card offered.

    • Scottrick

      Yes, some have 50K offers, and I share them on my blog. But as you admit, it makes sense for those who have other AA cards already.

  • Brubaker

    Before people have a miles and points orgasm thinking about this card, I would urge you to go look at actual award seat availability on American’s website. I have been looking for 2 award seats to Europe on American for months. There are literally none, NONE available for the entire year ahead. If you think it’s hard to find award seats at the low level on Delta’s hated program, you will be disappointed to find that American’s program is in fact much, much worse. Yes, incredible as it may seem, American makes Delta’s Skypesos look valuable. You’re going to need those 100,000 AAdvantage miles (and more), because you will be paying double or triple to get a decent seat. I’m sitting on almost half a million AAdvantage miles and cannot find a way to use them (unless I’m willing to pay double/triple miles, and/or pay for BA fuel surcharges, which are stunningly expensive). Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    • Scottrick

      It really depends on where you want to go, when you want to travel, how you want to get there, and your flexibility. You’re looking at one of the most competitive routes for redeeming miles.

  • Josh

    By the way Scott, I just got approved for the card over the phone (using the public offer page online) and the agent confirmed with me that the $200 statement credit was for any spending at all.

    • Scottrick

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Jason

    Anyone know how to use the Admirals Club benefit with this card? Do you just show the card at the door? Or do you need to be traveling on an AA ticket paid with the card to get in? Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      You will receive Admirals Club membership that you can use to access regardless of travel on an AA-operated flight. I don’t know if you need to have the card at the door, but my experience with a similar club membership with United was that it was tied to my FF#. I could give them my number and a photo ID when I didn’t have my card with me, or they could scan my boarding pass to obtain it that way.

      • Jason

        Thank you for the info.