MileagePlus Club Visa May Offer Full Waiver to Some

Thanks to Laurent for passing along this information. In 2012 Chase was offering lots of people a full waiver of the $395 annual fee on the MileagePlus Club Card, which includes a lot of good benefits:

  • Free membership to the United Club
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status
  • Ability to upgrade award flights
  • 1.5 miles per dollar on all purchases
  • Primary insurance coverage for rental cars

The original trick was to get an offer code from one of the pamphlets on display in the club. Fast forward a few months and there was an application link available. Some people got a partial waiver and others got a full waiver. You could bring up the full waiver in your browser by changing the URL to end with “AFW” (Annual Fee Waiver) instead of “95SC” ($95 Statement Credit).

I thought this link stopped working, but apparently United just got better at targeting people, and I’m no longer targeted. (I wonder why…) So the best offer available for most people is currently just a $100 fee waiver — a whole $5 more than last year! Laurent let me know that the full annual fee waiver is still out there. Again, I am not eligible. But I logged into Megan’s account and suddenly the app worked.

MileagePlus Club waiver

It seems to have something to do with cookies. I did not access the application from, nor have I ever seen Megan get an offer for the card from United. All I did was log in, and then in a new window I visited the application link below.

The fact that I logged in first seemed to be enough. If I didn’t log in, or if I logged in to my own account, then the application would redirect to the $100 statement credit offer.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting the MileagePlus Club Card and were waiting for a more generous sign-up offer, you may already be eligible — you just didn’t know where to look. And if you’d rather fly American, the Citi Executive / AAdvantage World MasterCard link still seems to be working, too, offering 100,000 miles at a $200 statement credit. I surmised earlier that it may only last until March 15.

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  • Caroline

    It worked for me! stupid question: I can cancel at the end of the first year, right? I didn’t find anything in the terms and conditions.

    • Scottrick

      Yes you can.

  • Dave

    Anyone having any experience getting their award tickets upgraded? That’s about all I would find this of use for.

    • Scottrick

      Upgrades on award tickets are ranked after paid tickets but before members of the next elite tier. I had occasional luck as a Premier 1K because I still had priority before any Platinum members. If you are Platinum or lower, your odds are worse.

    • Kris

      Yes, I got upgraded KOA-SFO a couple weeks back and then a couple years ago IAH-DCA-DEN, only missed upgrades on two flights, Friday night (standby and got on flight 5 minutes before door closed and a Monday morning flight).

  • Patrick McCann

    you logged into chase or you logged into united or both

    • Scottrick

      Log into United.

  • Kris

    My brother got the offer, but not me.

  • Frank

    Does the offer come with any points?

    • Scottrick

      To my knowledge, Chase has never offered bonus points along with the United Clu access.

  • SJ

    Offer is linked to United status.

  • choi

    united needs to up the ante and throws in some miles with this offer, compares to AA 100k offer for $250 and membership, unted seems a little lack luster with no miles.

    • Brian C. Lee

      Agreed. Even DL gives you some miles as a sign-up bonus with the Reserve card.

  • Brian

    This is epic. Thank you for this tip! Just worked for me. After logging in it still took me to the $100 credit, but I pasted the link again and it took me to the fee waiver. Thanks again!

  • dealspin

    Has anyone seen a waiver the Citi 100k card? Or figured out a way to pro-rate the fee?

    • Scottrick

      There’s a $200 statement credit offer available.

  • Neil

    This is great info. Do you know if you have to have a same day United ticket to get into the club if you have the Club visa card? Also, do you know if you the club card offers something similar to the explorer card’s 10,000 mile bonus after spending $25,000? If so, wondering if I can earn this bonus on two different cards.

    • Scottrick

      A club membership does not require travel on United to gain entrance. You can even request a gate pass from the check-in desk to use the club when you aren’t flying at all.

      No annual spend bonus is offered.

      • Neil

        Thanks. I had always assumed you needed a same day ticket on United. Maybe the passes that come with the United Explorer card come with different rules. I could have sworn I was once denied admission to the United lounge when I was flying US Air.

        • Scottrick

          Those passes can also be used to access the United Club regardless of carrier.

          One reason why you were denied access may have been when trying to enter using your Star Alliance Gold status since there are some rules regarding international itineraries.

  • DC

    I was able to get the first year fee waived simply by going into a Chase bank and applying through a Chase representative. I now sign up for all Chase cards in the Chase bank since they offer waived fees and lower spending thresholds towards bonus award points.

    • Scottrick

      Probably worthwhile if you can have a conversation and be more confident in the offer being honored.

  • John

    I signed into united, then clicked on the banner for the mileageplus explorer card up at the top, (opened a new window) It takes you to the explorer page, but there’s a tab at the top for the club card. I clicked it and it waives the first year fee for me. Link:$0-1199-5409-1-3552&cell=YBV&int_source=loy&int_medium=uacom&int_campaign=explorer_50kafw_alm12320&int_content=50k&targeting=eqs&partner_category=cc&partner_name=chase_acq&promo_code=cell_ybv&asset_position=atop&launch_date=2013-09-11

  • Ann

    Thanks for the link – it still works! There is something tricky about cookies, however, I tried logging into both my Chase and United accounts via Chrome and it kept directing me to the $100 credit offer (which is crap and isn’t even valid for current UA MP visa cardholders). After trying every which way, I tried the link in Firefox and it worked! I fly a lot domestically and internationally, but since United and Delta have raised the threshold for Elite status, I don’t even know if I’m going to make Silver this year! The UCC is totally worth it. Thank you so much!

    • Scottrick

      You’re welcome.

      • sunny

        any tricks to make the link work now

  • Bill

    I just used that free link and it worked as far as I can tell. I printed all the pages anyway lol

  • Andrew

    Any luck with this still working? Can’t seem to get it to. Have also tried in branch.

  • John Tran

    I can’t get it working either. @Andrew, in branch what did they say?