Refer a Friend and You Each Get 1,000 AA Business Extra Points

American Airlines operates a side loyalty program for small businesses called Business Extra. It’s completely free, and just as you earn miles when you fly and include your AAdvantage number in the reservation, you can earn additional credit for your small business when you include your Business Extra number.

The rewards program operates very differently and is based entirely on spend. Your business account will earn 2 points per $10 on qualifying tickets, which must be issued on American Airlines’ 001 ticket stock for travel on American Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, and Qantas. The idea, of course, is that you have multiple employees all using the same Business Extra number to earn points toward a common pool as well as miles for their individual accounts.

AA Business Extra

Business Extra points can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades, lounge access, and even elite status for your employees. For example, a round-trip saver level award within the continental U.S. costs 2,000 points, an Admirals Club day pass is 300 points, and AAdvantage Gold elite status is 2,400 points. All points expire on December 31 two years after they were earned. (See full Terms & Conditions)

For a limited time, American Airlines is offering 1,000 bonus points to existing Business Extra account holders when they refer a friend, up to 5,000 points total. The friend also earns 1,000 bonus points. The bonus alone is enough for three lounge passes or halfway toward a free domestic flight.

I’m happy to refer any of you if you want to send me your name and email address (send them to I don’t recommend you publish your own email address in the comments, but if you have an account already you might find this news worth sharing.

Update: I have already gotten a few dozen requests, and I will be contact those I can’t refer to see if I can share their names with other people who have referrals to spare. But be aware I’m reaching a limit here where I may not be able to quickly respond to everyone or help you make a match.

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  • cotoneloc

    How do you refer a friend?

    • Scottrick

      Existing Business Extra members received an email today with a unique referral link.

  • jrey

    I have some quota to refer. Let me know if anyone needs it.

    • Scottrick

      Send me an email at and I may be able to forward some names to you (after I get their permission).

  • Andrei

    Where on BusinessExtra website does one find the referral link? My account doesn’t seem to show it.

  • Gary Leff

    They apparently have a variety of targeted offers. The one I received is for 5000 Business ExtrAA points per referral.

    • Scottrick

      You’re probably a better customer than I am, Gary!

  • Bonnie

    So anyone can get the free 1000 miles by signing up with your link? There isn’t anything else that needs to be done in order to get the bonus miles? My mom’s AA account is expiring in May and I’d like to get that clock extended with some bonus miles. Please let me know and I will send you my email for referral. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      It’s not a generic link. I have a personal link that I can use to refer five people. After that, I will see what I can do about forwarding names to other existing members who also got an offer (after asking the individuals if it’s okay to share their email addresses, of course).

      • Bonnie

        Cool, can you send me a link as your referral to get the 1000 miles?

        • Scottrick

          I can’t give you my link. You need to send me your full name and email address, and then I submit the referral.

          I’ve already exhausted my five referrals, but if you would like me to pass it along to someone else, you can send them to me and and indicate in your email that you give me permission to share your personal information.

          Also, I just re-read your original post. This won’t earn you any miles in your AAdvantage account. This will get you separate points for a Business Extra account.

          • Laura

            Hi Scott,
            I was one of the people to whom you sent a referral link, but over the weekend I took some time to read the Terms & Conditions and I highly doubt I qualify for this program. Not only do I need to have to have a legitimate business with at least 2 employees, but AA can actually ask me to produce W2s at any given moment, so I’m not confident this will work. I’d be more than happy to email you directly and give you my referral # so that you can give it to someone else. Caveat: if you know of anyone who actually applied as an individual (posing as a business) and had success I might still apply, but it’s iffy…

  • al613

    I have few extra referrals available to refer from my account. Any of your leads will be appreciated. tradenbarter @

  • zhanna

    I have a few referrals of 1000 points to spare if anyone needs it.

    • herzog00

      I’d like a referral…is there a link you will share?

  • Stuart Falk

    I’m a member of an organization that has a Business Extra Account and urges its members to use it, but when I put it in to take advantage of this promotion it does not accept it. (I’ve messaged AA Business Extra support).

  • Aaron

    I have some referrals of 1000 points if anyone still needs it. Let me know!

    • adam


      Please send me a referral. Thanks
      Adam Wasserman

      • Aaron

        Sent! Let me know if you got it.

  • cashkicker

    be aware that you have to be a qualified new member…which means you have to have at least 2 employees that travel and they may ask that you provide proof such as a w-2 for these employees BEFORE they will give you the points or allow any redemptions….so all you slickdealers thinking you found an easy way to get some AC passes…forget it.

  • M Jones

    Have five referrals to send out… 1000 each. Would need your email address… Scott, if you have any people looking for a referral, please send them my way! Many thanks.

  • Candice

    Scottrick- If you have people still needing a referral to Business Extra, I have 5 invites remaining.
    I will send you an email with my E-mail address if you still have requests for referrals.

  • Martin

    For those who need a referral I still have few to spare. I will need your name and email… You can contact me at username vrlikm on a gmail account…

  • David

    I have some referrals to offer. If you want in, contact me at djsinger at gmail.

  • MarcMon

    I would like to be matched up with someone Scott if you still have the time. Many thanks!

    • Jeremy Wight

      Please send me a referral if you would jeremy at / Jeremy Wight

      • MarcMon

        Oops sorry, I was looking for a referral too!

  • JW

    I registered using someone’s link but somehow the points section still shows as 0, does it take some time for the 1K pts to show up? Thanks!

  • Jeremy Wight

    I’d love a referral and then would love to refer anyone afterwards send me a message via twitter @JeremyWight

  • bob c.

    I too have 5 referrals to share.
    let me know if you would like one?

    • doctorofcredit

      I’ll take one.

      • bob c.

        Just email you First and Last name and email address to me and I will send AA the referral.

        • bob c.

          2 left……

  • john

    I have 1000 point referrals if anyone is interested. bratsantom AT

  • gxc949

    I have five 1,000 point referrals if anyone still needs one. send me an email request at ocsigpi at yahoo dot com. -gil

  • Al

    Any person can be a business. AA Business ExtrAA is handing out free rd trip travel! Any thoughts on whether they will honor this promo? This sounds too good to be true.

    • Scottrick

      Yes, but Business Extra has some specific rules about what types of businesses are eligible to participate:

      • Al

        Even reading through it, all you really need is to state 2+ travelling employees. When I created my account years ago, I didn’t have to submit any documentation to prove the existence of my business. Maybe things have changed. But if status quo, it almost seems too easy to create a business ExtrAA account with no validation. They don’t even require a TAX ID on the signup page.

  • Jeremy Wight

    Anyone else not able to refer a friend? I can’t find the link in my account and then used your direct link @Scottrick:disqus but I get “There was an error sending the email.” when I hit send

    • Scottrick

      It looks like the link still works for me, but it *was* supposed to be a limited time promotion for Valentine’s Day.

      • Jeremy Wight

        Bummer :( I need another 1K for a RT ticket

  • miles4sheli

    If anyone is still in need of a referral, there is a special
    Thread over at FlyerTalk with members willing to make referrals, provided you
    are qualified. I tried to post the link, but wasn’t allowed. Just look for the Valentine’s Day Business Extra Referral Thread 2014 for more information on Business Extra and for the
    Referral Thread.