Air New Zealand Sent Two People to Antarctica

About six months ago I mentioned Air New Zealand was running a contest to send one lucky person to Antarctica with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards. Well, it seems they couldn’t make up their minds and decided to select two winners: Marli and Michael.

Marli sitting amongst the penguin colony at Cape Bird

Michael pulling up ice core samples

They spent two weeks on the southern continent helping researchers study microbes below the ice, penguins above the ice, and everything in between. If nothing else, watch the video below for pics of the cute baby penguins! You can also read more about Air New Zealand’s continuing effort to support research in the Antarctic.

Antarctica is one of the more challenging places to reach, but it’s someplace I hope to visit eventually.

Cape Bird glacier

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  • Andrew F (Shrewd Travel0

    “Relative lack of commercial air service?” Don’t you mean absolute and complete lack of commercial air service.

    • Scottrick

      I said “complete” and then someone told me there are six commercial carriers that fly there. So I changed it. I can’t make anyone happy 😉

      • shay peleg

        Lol who flys there?

  • Daisy @ Credit Walk

    Oh my goodness.. could you imagine? I watch so many documentaries and features about Antarctica, I think it would be just an amazing trip to go. Very cold, but amazing. I would love to see the penguins and polar bears..