Earn up to 10K+ Miles with AAdvantage Passport Challenge

American Airlines is running the AAdvantage Passport Challenge promotion on Facebook right now, asking customers to answer a few simple quizzes about American, their merger with US Airways, and their oneworld Alliance partners. I actually found it useful as a new convert to American Airlines. It’s not that I had any trouble answering the questions, but it was a good review.

Passport Challenge 1

By answering the quiz questions and following American Airlines through some social media channels, you can easily earn over 700 American AAdvantage miles. But there are potentially thousands of miles available if you also share the promotion with friends and meet certain flying goals within American’s route network. (The promotion runs through May 23, 2014.)

Passport Challenge 3

Learn & Earn — 665 miles

  • Complete nine quiz challenges and earn a cumulative 565 miles
  • Receive a bonus 100 miles for completing Learn & Earn

Be Social & Earn — Between 125 and 250 miles

  • Like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, follow on Instagram,  watch on YouTube, and earn a cumulative 125 miles
  • Share the YouTube video and earn 25 miles
  • Invite one friend to join and earn 50 miles when he/she accepts
  • Receive a bonus 50 miles for completing Be Social & Earn

So, for a few minutes’ effort you can easily earn 790 miles in the first two categories, and if you’re willing to spam a few friends (that’s what Facebook is for, right?) you can earn 915 miles. The real money comes in when you complete the flying goals.

Fly & Earn — Between 450 and 9,250 miles

  • Fly any US Airways-operated flight to earn 450 miles
  • Fly any new domestic route as a result of the AA/US merger to earn 450 miles
  • Fly any US Airways Shuttle flight to earn 450 miles
  • Fly any American Airlines- or US Airways-operated flight that does not originate or depart in the United States to earn 450 miles
  • Fly any oneworld Alliance flight not operated by American Airlines or US Airways to get 450 miles
  • Beat your personal Elite Qualifying Points goal to earn 2,500 miles
  • Complete between 3 and 5 offers to earn between 500 and 4,500 bonus miles

I might have some issues with the US Airways Shuttle or the international flight, but I’m interested to see what my EQP goal is. Hopefully something reasonable, like 10,000 EQP, that could be knocked off with one or two flights. If you manage to complete all the offers through this promotion, then you could earn 10,165 miles!

The Terms & Conditions are very useful for figuring out how to complete this promotion. For example, I originally thought that the “Fly & Earn” bonuses were 500 miles each, but in fact that number includes the 50 miles already earned for activating the offer through a previous challenge; each one offers just 450 miles (see Rule 3). You can also get a list of new domestic routes by reading Rule 7. Finally, read Rule 9 to learn that the definition of “international” routes only includes the 50 United States, so an American Airlines-operated flight from San Juan to Caracas ought to qualify.

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  • dan luttrell

    Don’t miss the extra points under the Fairmont, Avis and Directv items where if you “like” those products on facebook you extra miles. Easy to miss as they pop up.

    • Scottrick

      Thanks, Dan. I remember doing this as I went through it but failed to add them to the totals when writing the post.

  • Sad Canuck

    Only for USA residents.

  • JustSaying

    Not too painful for 1k free miles……..cheaper than a couple of VR cards……..

  • Al