Learn How to Maximize Your Rewards with Pick2Pay

I’ve written about Pick2Pay before, but it may still be a new name for many of you. What does Pick2Pay do? It’s an app that you can use on your mobile phone or a traditional computer to find the best credit card and shopping portal for every purchase.

While many of us rely on rules of thumb or notes written on the cards themselves, Pick2Pay tries to do a better job of maximizing the number of miles, points, or cash-back you’ll earn. You just need to enter the name of the store or a specific shopping category like “airlines” or “drug stores.”

Pick2Pay also integrates with several other discounters to provide added savings on top of the credit card and portal rewards. Shopping at Sears? You might get an offer to buy a Sears electronic gift card at a 6% discount through Raise.com. Looking for a bite to eat? In addition to recommending a good rewards card (like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, with 2 points per dollar on all dining spend), Pick2Pay will alert you to cash-back opportunities from Mogl or coupons available from Bing Offers.

You can read past reviews for more details, but here’s a look at some screenshots of the mobile app after a recent update:

All the cards in your personal wallet can be added to a virtual “wallet” on Pick2Pay after you sign up for a free account. It doesn’t store the card’s payment information — just the fact that you have this card and any associated details. For example, I can tell it that I value my Ultimate Rewards points at 1.7 cents each or add a note that the annual fee is due in four months.

Pick2Pay 1

When I go to shop for something at Nordstrom, I get a choice between an online storefront or physical location. I picked the physical location to start. You can see that all the rewards are pretty similar since the cards in my wallet earn just 1 point or 1 mile per dollar for non-bonus purchases. (All rewards are indicated as a cash back percentage, using the valuations you set for miles and points.) But there are some suggested cards at the bottom that could earn even more.

Pick2Pay 2

Because I only live a few blocks away from the Nordstrom Flagship in downtown Seattle, it’s pretty easy to buy stuff online and choose to collect it in-store. So I went back and chose the online Nordstrom store instead. This time, Pick2Pay suggested the best cards and the best online shopping portals to maximize my rewards. It still offers recommendations for other cards and shopping portals down below.

Pick2Pay 3

You can download the Pick2Pay mobile app for iOS, access a mobile web app for other devices, or access it on your computer using the Online Shopping Maximizer link on Travel Codex. Visit Pick2Pay.com to learn more.

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  • mymilesandmoney

    Hi Scott, It does not reflect correct data for Citi Preferred Card. Any idea if we could set the points earning for each category?

    • Scottrick

      You can adjust the value of points, but not the number of points in specific categories. If you’ve noticed a bug, please contact info@pick2pay.com or fill out the comment section at the bottom of the Pick2Pay homepage.

  • Michael

    Android version boo