Review: Hyatt House Redmond

As I said in the introduction to my review of the Hyatt Place Seattle, I don’t normally review budget properties but like to make an exception for those that offer exceptional service or which are of particular interest to local readers and those just visiting. This review of the Hyatt House Redmond, in the eastern suburbs of Seattle, is another good example.

Hyatt House Redmond is one of the Hotel Sierra chain that was acquired by Hyatt in 2011 . They already had a good reputation and — I like to think — had a good influence in the development of the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands, some of which are so good that I would prefer them over full service Hyatt properties nearby. (Stay tuned for a review of the Hyatt Place Chicago River North.)

HH Redmond 3

HH Redmond 10

This property can be fairly expensive mid-week due to its proximity near Microsoft headquarters. But weekend rates are closer to $100-150, and the location is a good for those planning to explore areas outside Seattle. I only wish it were a little easier to find, as the hotel is located in a mixed residential and commercial development that reminds me of just how empty suburbia can be after six years living in Seattle. Don’t hate me — I grew up in Cupertino and Irvine.

Hyatt House is intended as an extended stay brand with additional living space and amenities, but entering the hotel you can tell that they have aimed for a premium experience that reminds me more of a Hyatt or Hyatt Regency. The contemporary furnishings, concrete floor, and dim lights were either recently renovated or very well maintained. A fireplace along the wall and a full bar in the back provided plenty of space to socialize. If anything it was a little too dark and cool.

HH Redmond 4

My room was upgraded to a corner view on the third floor, overlooking a small park and bike trail along the creek. There was even a balcony, but I wasn’t about to go out there during yet another rainy winter day.

HH Redmond 5

Near the entrance was a small kitchenette containing a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, sink and dishes. You couldn’t cook a meal on a stove, but it was far better than dorm life. I wouldn’t mind living here on an extended assignment.

HH Redmond 11

The bathroom, too, was a step up (or three) from my expectations with Gilchrist & Soames amenities. You’ll normally find these only at some boutique hotels or in suites at certain Hyatt properties. So what if they’re in big pump bottles? The large shower was ample in size, and I liked the idea of cutting a hole in the glass door rather than attaching a separate handle.

HH Redmond 13

HH Redmond 12

Moving back to the main room, an L-shaped couch and desk in the living room provided plenty of space to work. Kudos for not facing the desk away from the window, which robs one of a view and creates glare on the screen. I never understood why some hotels do that. I even dragged the chair across the floor to the other side of my desk when staying at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco so I could enjoy the view from the 20th floor.

HH Redmond 8

HH Redmond 7

HH Redmond 6

I did not stick around for breakfast in the morning having made plans already for brunch. A reader who has stayed here before assured me they do a good job with the buffet, or at least with the bacon. The restaurant area, like the rest of the lobby, was generously sized and has a full bar and plenty of space for mingling in the evenings. It somewhat reminded me of a BJ’s pizzeria, and — again — seemed to compensate for the lack of other interesting venues within walking distance by providing enough entertainment in-house.

HH Redmond 2

If you’re looking for a cheaper place to stay (as low as $100) when the rates go up during Seattle’s beautiful summers, take a look at the Hyatt House Redmond. Mid-week is still likely to be expensive regardless of season, but weekends appear to be an excellent deal.

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  • Biggles209

    You’re being a bit tough on Redmond with the “lack of other interesting venues within walking distance”. Sages Restaurant, The Stone House, and Kanishka are all an easy stroll away, plus there are a few bars around. More choices than the Hyatt House Bellevue (though that is close to a couple of Rite Aids and a couple of Walmarts)

    • Scottrick

      Not within sight, but I know what you mean. I’ve been living in the city too long…