Update on AmEx Platinum Credit for Losing AA/US Lounges

On Monday, I reminded people to either (1) use the AmEx Platinum credit they received for losing American Airlines/US Airways lounge access, or (2) to call in to American Express and ask if they could get a credit on their Platinum card(s) if they didn’t already have one.

Regarding #2, I found out through blog comments and twitter mentions that many people were successful in calling American Express and receiving a credit.  I heard everything from credits ranging from $100 to $200, to people receiving 25,000 to 30,000 Membership Rewards points, all for a 5-10 minute phone call.

These credits are in addition to the $200 airline fee credit that all Platinum cardholders receive.  I purchased 2 x $100 American Airlines gift cards in early January and got my credit for that benefit already.

When American Express announced the loss of AA/US lounges, I received an offer for up to $200 of additional credits on American Airlines and US Airways.  Over the weekend, the window for redeeming that credit went into effect, so I purchased a $100 AA gift card.  Today, I saw this in my account:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.37.59

Time to go buy a 2nd one!

I actually like my American Express Platinum card, even after losing American Airlines lounge access.  With the airline credits, I’m basically paying only $50 for benefits like access to Fine Hotels & Resorts as well as Priority Pass.  I’ve already gotten ample value out of those two this year (although I’ve flown 86,000 miles already this year on several trips, which is a lot even for me).  I’m not missing out on American Airlines lounge access since I have a Citi Executive AAdvantage card (actually, I have two).

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  • Ryan

    I don’t use AA at all, never have, don’t even have an account with them and I just signed up last month for the Platinum card, can I leverage this in anyway to get some free points or credits?

    • Amol

      It really never hurts to ask, but the news of losing lounge access came out in early December 2013, so I’m not so sure about newer accounts.

    • Neil

      Any luck Ryan?

      I’ve only had mine for 2 months..but was shocked to learn as well!

  • Yi

    Can you do both? To get the additional 200 and to call in for points ?

  • DJ

    i just closed my platinum. i never got any points when i got the card over a yr ago.

    • Brian C. Lee

      Did you meet the minimum spending requirement?

  • http://travelwithgrant.com/ Grant

    Time for me to buy my $100 AA gift card too. Did you buy physical gift cards or egift cards?

  • Paul Goodman

    i called Amex earlier today and they gave me $100 AA credit. They definitely are prepared and you can tell this is not a “one off” type of compensation. I am sure they are getting a lot of complaints. Good – it was poorly managed.

  • disqust101

    A lot of effort for few miles. Next.