Double Points at Hilton through July 31

Hilton announced its summer promotion yesterday — Double Your HHonors — which offers double base points for stays between May 1 and July 31. Many people have Hilton Gold elite status. You’ll normally get up to 17.5 points per dollar: 10 base points, 2.5 points from a 25% elite bonus, and 5 bonus points if you choose the “points and points” rather than “points and miles” for your Double Dip option.

This promotion offers an additional 10 points per dollar, up to 27.5 for a Gold elite: 10 base points, 10 promotional points, 2.5 points from a 25% elite bonus, and 5 bonus points for choosing “points & points.” You can earn even more if you have Diamond status or a Hilton credit card.

Hilton Double Your HHonors

In recent weeks I’ve reassessed my opinion of Hilton HHonors somewhat after I took a look at the average cost of earning free nights when using a credit card with different loyalty programs. Hilton has the most expensive award rates in absolute terms, reaching as high as 95,000 points per night. But it also makes it incredibly easy to earn points. The Hilton Surpass from American Express earns 12 points per dollar at Hilton, while the Hilton Reserve from Citi earns 10 points per dollar. (The Reserve has a better sign-up bonus, but I think the Surpass is a better choice for regular Hilton customers.) Both include Gold status. As a result, you could be earning 39.5 points per dollar using your Hilton credit card during this promotion.

There is a very long list of non-participating properties, but fortunately it is not too exhaustive. (Not a single Starwood hotel in the Puget Sound is eligible for their Earn Away, Get Away promotion.) Be sure to register now, before your first stay, even if you don’t think you’ll be staying at Hilton hotel. Better safe than sorry. You also have the option of Double Miles, but I think the points are a better deal.

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  • Fanfoot

    How about some advice on whether to pick double miles or double points?

    • Scottrick

      Many programs offer 1 mile per dollar spent. So you have a choice between 1 airline mile (points & miles option) or 5 Hilton points (points & points option). Under this promotion, you can choose double miles, which results in a total of 2 airline miles, or double points, which results in a total of 15 Hilton points.

      Why is double points 15 and not 10? Because the double points use the base points earned, which is 10, so you earn 10 extra. But the points & points earning option awards only 5. So it’s a total of 15 extra points for choosing these two options.

      [To earn double miles you must choose BOTH points & miles option as well as the double miles option. But you can choose double points promotion whether you choose points & miles or points & points.]

      According to Frequent Miler’s fair trading values some of the most valuable miles in the U.S. are Alaska and American at 1.56 cents each. My personal valuation is 1.7 cents each. Frequent Miler values Hilton points at 0.4 cents each, and I’m good with that.

      So you have a choice between 15 Hilton points worth 6 cents or two airline miles, which are worth between 3.12 and 3.4 cents. Either way, the double points are a better deal.