Free Club Carlson Gold Elite Status from American Express

American Express has a targeted promotion for its European cardholders that includes free Club Carlson Gold Elite status through February 28, 2015, but it appears that anyone can register as long as they have a European address. Be sure to use your real name. (HT Points, Miles, & Martinis) Note: This offer is for new accounts only.

Amex Club Carlson Gold

Once you have an account set up it is fairly easy to change the address to something domestic — or don’t, if you’re not concerned about earning any points on stays. Club Carlson Gold status includes free Internet, a potential upgrade, and a welcome amenity at some hotels. You can also get it with a a Club Carlson credit card, which offers the last night free for any award stay of two or more nights. But because Concierge status is much more difficult to achieve it’s effectively the highest elite status most Club Carlson guests would have.

Check out last week’s post to see a comparison of Club Carlson Gold status to other elite tiers. I’ll be writing my analysis of this comparison later this week.

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  • NotaLefty

    As an existing European Amex Platinum holder (holder for a few years now), I recently got a Gold Elite status card.

  • Devon

    Worked for getting an account for my wife(in case there’s a promotion where we could use two)

  • Antonio

    How long does it take the status to update to gold? Right now it shows me as red.

    • wearsunscr33n

      Note: This offer is for new accounts only.

      • Antonio

        I created a new account. Did yours go gold immediately?

        • wearsunscr33n

          Yup, just used the form above about 20 min ago.

  • Scottrick


  • Angie W

    I created a new account, used an European address (isn’t Finland Europe?), and it’s been over 24 hours but my status is still “Red”.

    • Scottrick

      My new account said “Gold” automatically. It’s possible that they’ve fixed this exploit.

  • Rusty Longwood

    Success. Used a German address. Change was shown immediately

  • Cynthia Hawk

    I have just signed up with a new UK address. Its still red. I don’t have to put any promotional code when sign up? how does club carlson know its the amex promotion? Thanks for your help

    • Scottrick

      Amex has your address, too. It’s possible they’ve since locked down this promotion and have been more careful in who they approve.

      • Cynthia Hawk

        Ouch. I was hoping a fake hotel address+ unused email address could do the trick It has been 12 hours. Status is still red.

  • DavidH

    Looks like this has been fixed and the promotion is now closed. :-(