A New Look for Travel Codex

I’ve implemented several design changes that affect the appearance of Travel Codex. If the site doesn’t look right, you could probably benefit from clearing the cache or history on your web browser. This will cause your browser to download the new theme files and properly display the site when you reload the page.

I hope you like the new look. I’m aiming for something cleaner, and it actually decreases the number of ads that appear on mobile devices (hopefully improving the page load time) and also fixes a few bugs in how the former site was presented.

I’m still fine tuning a few changes. Any suggestions are welcome, but refreshing your browser cache once, right now, should be sufficient even as I continue to implement minor additions.

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  • Adrian

    To be honest I liked the old look a bit more. The new look, while visually brighter, is too content heavy on the left, with the middle (ads) and right (topics) feeling more like distractions.

    • Scottrick

      Fair criticism. Here’s why I’ve made some of the changes you may disagree with:

      I’ve shrunk the main content area from 660px to 600px. It’s still wider than many other travel blogs (which I hope means I’m focusing more real estate on content than ads without making you scroll forever) but tries to address the issue that a wide page makes it harder to read online.

      I still avoid putting ads within the content itself, unlike some blogs and forums. And though I have ads in two adjacent columns, I try to mix up the vertical arrangement so you won’t see two ads right next to each other.

      I’ve taken out meta info like tags and categories since I don’t think they really contribute to the value of the post. I replaced these with the list of tags on the far right.

      And readers are still encouraged to access the blog in other ways without the ads. The RSS feed continues to provide the full text of every post:


      I don’t mind if you choose to download Adblock Plus for Chrome:


      Or Firefox:


      I’m still working on creating a print-only version that removes the ads entirely since I know some readers like to save a hardcopy.

  • Bob

    I think it looks much better than the old look :)

  • umeshunni

    Hey Scott,
    Some of the content at the bottom of page is unreadable on mobile because of the blue on blue color scheme. See herehttp://www.imgur.com/1GLkPFl.png

    • Scottrick

      Yes, I’m working on that, and my CSS isn’t sticking. For the moment it’s not high on my priority list because it’s in the footer.

  • guest

    It’s a step in the right direction, but the future to draw in more readers is to capture interest in the first 3 seconds. While the content is great, the visual stimulation is lacking. Ultimately, I’m going to get bored and move on if there’s all text and few pictures.

    • Scottrick

      Maybe. But I’m not actively trying to attract new readers with anything but the value of the content.

  • Darth Chocolate

    Very nice.

  • Logan Grooms

    This looks great!