US Airways Devalues Award Chart & A Sweet Spot Is Lost

Hot off the heels of American Airlines AAnytime award devaluation, US Airways has joined the club with no advanced notice given as well. If you take a look at their award chart today, you’ll see that North America to North Asia is now 110,000 miles roundtrip in Business Class. This award used to be 90,000 miles and was a sweet spot in the US Airways chart. Almost everything else looks to have stayed the same but this brings the US Airways award chart into line with the existing AA award chart of 55,000 miles one way to Asia 1. First Class looks to be the same price at 120,000 miles; a 10,000 mile difference from Business Class now.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.47.49 AM

Mexico – North Asia is now 110,000 miles in Business Class to North Asia and 90,000 miles to South Asia and will most likely be the best bet from now on. I don’t expect it to last however!

Caribbean to North Asia is now 110,000 miles in Business Class whilst Caribbean to South Asia is 90,000 miles in Business Class.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.05.33 AM

US Airways currently has a 100% share miles promotion that will be affected from today onwards. It is now not possible to go to Asia from North America with a starting balance of 0 miles unless you buy 10,000 and then get the 100% share promo of 50,000 miles.

This story is developing. H/T to Boris R.

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  • Chris

    Explorer awards are dead too :(

    • tahsir21

      Yes, as well as Stopovers on one ways! sAAd day :/

  • Aptraveler

    Boy, talking about bring the bear of bad news! Well, thanks for the re-cap.

  • Matt

    How about the mix/match 5 segments in each direction or 10 segment total per roundtrip max rules? Still there with US Airways or now gone? Also, do you still get the one free stopover with US Airways per roundtrip? I’m comparing the aforementioned to the previous 90k rules for biz class to North Asia. I am just trying to determine if the new 90k to South Asia is the equivalent of the old 90k to North Asia, except you have to originate in the Mexico or Caribbean now. Routing via Europe still allowed to Asia with US Airways redemptions? Are they still pricing awards ‘manually’ like they used to do, with sometimes good results and sometimes not so good results? So many questions…so few answers so far – THANKS for any thoughts you might have. I know this is a breaking, developing story with more concrete facts to come shortly.

    • Bengali Miles Guru

      Everything else looks to be the same. I called US Air and was able to use the same routing rules and all.

    • Matt

      No thoughts folks?

      • tahsir21

        I think you’re looking too much into it. All that can easily be avoided by HUCA. The rules do exist in some magical book but it doesn’t seem like it’s been shared with agents.

    • Scottrick

      I’m not aware of any rule changes that affect the number of segments permitted on an itinerary, the ability to travel to Asia via Europe, or the method used to price awards.

      • Matt

        And you think the old 90k North Asia logic still applies with the new 90k Central America and Caribbean alternative to South Asia? (just happens you start in Caribbean or Mexico for instance now instead of America and end in South Asia instead of North Asia) with same stopover rules and routing via Europe still doable? Route via Middle East (Qatar Airways) possible too? Also, think they will let you route via North Asia (from South Asia end point) with JAL in Tokyo or similar on the return leg? Also, since they aren’t in the Star Alliance now, what do you think they actually consider “key/hub” cities where you would be allowed a stopover in Europe? Do you think former Lufthansa hub cities that are serviced by US Airways are still being considered key cities, allowing a stopover or since leaving the Star Alliance they are now ruled out? Thanks!!

        • Scottrick

          I’m not familiar with the specifics of the Central America – North Asia award rules, but if it was allowed before I expect it still is.

          As far as the rule permitting a stopover in a hub city, the language on US Airway’s website only specifies that if flying on a partner then a stopover is allowed in a partner’s hub. It’s pretty open ended. I assume this applies equally to Star Alliance and Oneworld Alliance partners depending on which partner you are flying with.

  • beatstockpromotersdotcom

    Glad I booked my flight to Asia 3 days ago lol