Win Free Admission to FTU Seattle

Amol has been asked to speak at Frequent Traveler University in Seattle and no longer needs his ticket, so it’s up for grabs to a lucky reader who can make it to the event. It will be held April 25-27 at the Seattle Airport Marriott.

To enter the giveaway, please leave one comment below. I’ll select the winner tonight (Tuesday, April 15) at 9 PM Pacific Time and contact you by tomorrow. Please only enter if you know that you can attend the event.

Update: Congratulations toΒ eupnrth8 for winning the ticket!

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  • bmvaughn

    Hey I can actually attend that!

  • Joey

    That’s cool! Did they publish the schedule yet? Which topic will Amol speak in?

    • Scottrick

      We’ll be speaking on Sunday. Amol is talking after lunch on “Manufactured spend in a post-Vanilla Reload world” which should be useful to those in the PNW who never had many Vanilla Reloads to begin with. I’ll be speaking in two sessions after him on “Which hotel program is right for you?” and “Hidden gem of the Emerald City: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan” which may be more useful to those who haven’t been following along with the blog lately.

  • Ryan

    I live in Seattle and havent been able to attend any of the other FTU’s due to work schedules which keeps me on a plane most of the time. Thanks for the opp to get a free ticket to the local event.

    • jrap

      Anyone still looking for a ticket? Willing to part with mine for any reasonable offer as I can no longer attend. Please msg on flyertalk or milepoint at jrap33. Thanks.

  • Garrett

    I hear FTU is ultimate place to hack your trip. Would love to see Scott do bourbon shots while booking a Avianca phone reward πŸ˜‰ Oh and I can attend too!

    • Scottrick

      My Spanish is not so bueno, but I’ll see if I can buy Ben another bottle this year.

  • Kathy K

    I would love to attend FTU. I’ll be in Seattle for the Freddie Awards but wasn’t able to buy a ticket for FTU because they were sold out. thanks.

    • jrap

      Do you still need a ticket? Please message me at jrap33 on FT or milepoint. I no longer need my ticket. Thanks.


    Can’t think of a better reason to head to down Seattle next weekend than for this event!

  • boxedlunch

    I’d be forced to escape Spokane for the weekend to join everyone…tough sell :)

  • asar

    Perfect, I can attend that

  • DPlude

    I was about to buy a tix, but will wait a bit. Would love to go & learn how better to find award seats-these web sites are driving me insane.

  • Huy

    I have a flight already!

  • Lee Rayl

    I am in Seattle and would love to go!

  • Stacy

    I would LOVE to go! Started getting into miles and points about a year ago and I am addicted!

  • Mark

    I’d love to go!

  • Elaine

    I can hop up from Portland easily and have never been to FTU. Thanks for the contest!

  • Josh Gibson

    I live in Seattle and would love to attend!

  • Murali

    I would love to attend FTU, have never won anything

  • Malcolm

    I can attend, would love to.. so what the hell.. If i can get a free ticket, i would really appreciate it πŸ˜€

  • lemurtanis

    Renton represent! I’d love to go.

  • Andy W

    I was able to attend the Tampa FTU and learned a great deal. I would love to go to Seattle and continue learning. Thank you so much, Amol, for sharing this with us. :)

  • Manikandan

    Love to attend it.

  • karung99

    I love to attend.

  • Kayla

    I would love to attend!

  • Alicia

    I, too, would love to attend!

  • Jeff

    I’d love to come!

  • Abhi

    I’d love to come too!

  • Ken

    I can make it and would love to come

  • eupnrth8

    Pick me! I live in Seattle!

  • Chris G.

    I am close by so I would love to join. :)

  • Susan

    I would buy a plane ticket for that…. :-)

  • cbb13

    If i win i will book my tickets to Seattle!

  • Shawn Doherty

    I just realized I will be in Seattle that weekend and would LOVE to attend.

  • theSuperStar

    Never been to Seattle or FTU, willing to book flight if won.

  • Baqa

    Ready and able! :-)

  • London Larry

    I’m there!

  • Vansh

    I am already coming (and have a ticket). Putting this up for a surprise gift to a friend who is in Seattle, but dint think could afford it.

  • Ari B

    Yep, I’d come to Seattle for this. Thanks Scott and Amol!

  • Derek

    Count me in. Can’t believe these sold out so fast — thanks for the generosity, Amol!

  • Erik

    Sure. I’ll enter. I’ll be outside crashing the party otherwise. :)

  • Natasha

    Perfect opportunity to visit Seattle!

  • Neil Cromby

    It’s not a party unless I’m there.

  • J P

    Seattle should be nice this time of year…

  • Rahul Prakash

    Thanks for the opportunity. count me in for the drawing !!

  • Eric Chang

    Ready and able to join! :-)

  • FR

    hope I’m not too late

  • Ben

    That’s really awesome….

  • Neet

    Hope I’m not too late. Count me in for sure :) I actually have the hotel booking but no ticket. *Excited and fingers crossed* :)

  • Mona

    I would love to come! I’m 10 minutes away. Tried to get a ticket but they sure sold out fast!

  • OJ786

    Hi everyone, we had unexpected early arrival of our twins and won’t be able to make it. Trying to salvage the cost. I have 2 tix. Email if interested. Thanks.