Charlotte Milemadness Thoughts and Review

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at and attending the Charlotte Milemadness event with Amol. It was created to help people who manufacture spend meet up and discuss different topics. There were over 100 people and the event itself was a huge success!

The day kicked off with Frequent Miler opening the conference and announcing the winners of the Milemadness contest.

1st place went to The Miles Professor who managed to rack up close to $4,800 worth of “profit”.
2nd place went to your truly and I managed to rack up $3,500 worth of “profit”.
3rd place went to Big Habitat who made just a little under $3,000.

Ultimately, everyone in the competition did amazing and I feel like the only reason I even placed was because of the time I had on my hands. At the end of the month, I was able to accumulate:

  • 165,000 Ultimate Rewards Points
  • 40,000 US Airways Miles
  • 60,000 Alaska Airlines Miles
  • A bunch of other smaller points

The day then kicked off with The Miles Professor giving a presentation about how to maximize efficiency while working with limited time. It was an interesting and eye opening presentation as we got to see how someone who lives in New York was able to MS and eventually win 1st place! Kudos to her for such a great presentation!

Marathon Man continued onwards and gave what was probably the best speech i’ve ever heard on being a good steward to MS. He spoke of ways to take care of MS and see that everyone get a fair chance to partake in this hobby. There was talk about different levels of MS and only doing as much as you need. He then went onto talk about his own mistakes that he made and how he learned from them. Overall, it was a great speech and I wish some people recorded it so we could watch it again.

Lunch continued afterwards and we mingled with some of the other attendees. It was all a casual atmosphere and no one was fangirling over anyone, except maybe George!

Amol and I presented after lunch and spoke about Chase 5x and different ways of making the most out of 1X cards. It seemed as though it was well received.

After our presentation, Phil from Milesabound spoke about a more local and community involved way to MS. It was actually really cool to see how MS was helping out his community while earning a ton of points.

Trevor from Quick City Visits spoke about buying/reselling products to earn points. It was an interesting take on a pretty popular way to make some money and points!

Next up was FreeQuent Flyer who spoke about the ethical boundaries from white hat and black hat hacks. I had to make a phone call so I couldn’t stay for his presentation but from what I heard, it was good.

To finish things up, Matt from Saverocity spoke about different overall opportunities for MS and the process and reason behind the CLT seminars. I have to give him a ton of credit as this event went off without a hitch. Everyone seemed to be pleased and loved being there.

To end things for the night, I hosted a BBQ/party in my suite. I do not know how but I managed to snag a Jewel Suite at the hotel which featured an enormous patio/balcony. At one point, we had close to 30 people on our balcony eating BBQ that we ordered from Queen City Q. We even got some gracious attendees to help bring in cocktail tables to the patio. It was an awesome way to end the night and meet a bunch of new people. The party ended sometime around 11 but I don’t know for sure because some of us actually left to buy some vanilla reloads from a certain location.

The hotel itself was a gem. I had never stayed at a Hyatt House before but this one was gorgeous. IT had the most modern amenities, suites and furniture. They even had some really comfortable beds. Kudos to them for making such a great hotel!

IMAG0743 IMAG0745 (1)


Overall, this was the best event that I have ever been to. I don’t have anything bad to say about other events but this was definitely smaller and everyone here was approachable. Everyone genuinely wanted to be there unlike the impression I got at other events where some people speak and just leave.

I just want to thank everyone who helped put this together because they really did do a stellar job!

If you missed this event, Matt has asked me to join their planning group for the next event! I’ll hope to see you there!


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  • Joey

    This is really awesome! Now I wish I had gone to Charlotte as well! Kudos to you for 2nd place! 165k UR points?!?!?! WHAT?!?!? I’m trying to save 200k UR points by the end of this year and I’m at 150k. Will you write a post on how you accumulated that many points? (Or if you did already, can you please share the link?)

    • tahsir21

      Joey, I do not have plans to write what I did but i’d be more than happy to tell you over email. tahsir at way2jet dot com :)

  • BradR

    Here’s the one thing I never see an article on – what’s it worth, overall. Time spent, opportunity cost, is it in the margins of your day or is it a career? If so, how much that you ‘earn’ is cash to pay for things and keep the flywheel spinning vs miles that are turned into award tickets/redemptions that allow for a lifestyle of blogging about the lifestyle? Is MS worth it for someone with a good salaried job or must you dedicate most of your productive hours to it?

    • Nicole

      Tahsir- I was at the event and your presentation was fantastic (we didn’t get to meet though). I’m hugely impressed by your energy and creativity. While I do know what some hard core MS’ers do now :-), I still wonder about middle-of-the-road MS’ers… curious if you have any comments. I have yet to come up with a good plan that fits into my regular schedule (even though I know milesprofessor has it nailed!)

      • Beach Miles

        Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It’s always nice to pick up a new trick, and that one turned out to be a good one.
        Jim ( formerly of Oxford, Ohio)

      • tahsir21

        The best part about MS is that you can do mid size MS and use the same tactics people who MS 150,000/month. As I pointed out in my presentation, you can buy unlimited amounts so if you just want to buy $2,000, it’s doable and so is $20,000!

    • Amol

      It’s worth what you put into it.

      • BradR

        I guess my question is more – how much do you put into it. I haven’t done any MS and am unlikely to – but how much time does it take to manufacture say 100,000 and earn $5,000. If it’s 10 hours, that’s a good deal. If it’s 50, that’s a bit more challenging when it comes to opportunity cost.

        • Scottrick

          I’m of similar opinion since most MS is too inconvenient for me in Seattle. But I take advantage of opportunistic MS. For example: QFC sells both money orders and Visa gift cards. It’s possible to buy a gift card while doing your grocery shopping and stop by the service counter for a money order before you go home. Some QFCs are located near Walmarts, which means you could buy a gift card and then go next door to load a Bluebird card. And Amazon Payments is something anyone can do in a few minutes from home.

          I’ll add it’s probably better if you can buy a gift card other than the ones sold at QFC, since those require calling a phone number to set a PIN. But it’s still possible to do that after dropping the groceries off in the car before heading back in for the money order, or laddering purchases by using last week’s gift cards to buy this week’s money orders before doing the shopping.

        • Amol

          It’s different for everyone because of varying logistics for different people/regions/etc. Nobody can tell you if it’s worth it. You should try it out yourself to get your bearings down then see if it’s scaleable. It takes 2 extra minutes to buy 10 gift cards instead of 1 at CVS, but what are you options to liquidate? How far are they? I don’t know your particular situation.

    • tahsir21

      Like Amol said, this “hobby” is literally worth what you put into it. If you manufacture 100,000/month at 5%, it is worth $5,000. Likewise, if you do 10,000, it’s worth $500. I, nor anyone who blogs about MS can put a value on it because everyone does it differently.

  • Joey

    I missed the event but would be interested in going. Please update us on when the next one will be. Also — vanilla reloads? I thought CVS stopped accepting CC for them? Or I’m guessing you went to another seller of vanilla reloads.

  • Trevor

    Tahsir, I thought you had a great presentation – it was great to meet you, hope to catch up in the future!

  • Beach Miles

    Tahsir, Thanks for your great presentation. It motivated me to visit some businesses I have been driving by. Also, thanks for picking up the BBQ. You said you wanted tables , we got you tables.
    Jim from Virginia Beach

    • tahsir21

      Jim, Thanks for the tables. They were AWESOME. lol

  • Jeff H

    I’ve only stayed at one Hyatt House, but similar to your experience above I have absolutely no complaints. Last I checked, the Hyatt House I stayed in (Dulles, VA) was a low category (maybe even Category 1) according to Hyatt, which I’m still in disbelief about. To me, that hotel is one of the better hotels I’ve stayed in. While I’ve never had the pleasure of staying in a 4-star or higher hotel (that I can remember), I’ve stayed in Hotels that other chains consider Category 3 – 4, and I think the Hyatt House rivals or is better than all of them!

  • TravelBloggerBuzz

    TBB is okay with fangirling:-). I hope next time groupies attack me (groupies who are fans of the Blogs I Ignore are NOT welcome near me, hehe)