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Almost everyone has had a bad travel experience. Pricing schemes and loyalty programs are complex for a reason: to maximize revenue without destroying the promise of lavish rewards. Travel Codex helps you figure out the system and make it work to your advantage. Whether travel hacking, taking business trips, or even planning a family vacation, there’s an opportunity for everyone to travel better.

Scott Mackenzie

ScottScott created Hack My Trip while still in graduate school, with the idea that he could match his background in hard science to the complex loyalty schemes in the travel industry. The name changed to Travel Codex in 2014, and a new community forum was launched to create a private area for members to discuss new deals.


AmolAmol created Points to Point B to share some of his amazing trip reports and joined Travel Codex in December 2012. He enjoys using credit card bonuses and manufactured spend to earn free points and miles — sometimes even elite status — rather than paying for it the old fashioned way!

Tahsir Ahsan

AmolTahsir began his travel career as the Bengali Miles Guru and joined Travel Codex in 2013. Now he’s co-founder of Award Magic, helping customers redeem their points and miles. He’s also co-founder of our community forum. Tahsir and Amol can often be found hacking new schemes to earn miles and travel for free!

Julian (the Devil’s Advocate)

Julian plays the Devil’s Advocate every Thursday, taking a contrarian view on miles and points. Sometimes he strikes to the heart of an interesting debate. Sometimes he’s just having fun. But either way his posts have quickly found themselves on the must-read list.


Eric is an accomplished globetrotter and owner of Attache Arrivals, a service that prepares customers for international travel. On Travel Codex he shares his experiences living as a wandering nomad along with data-rich analyses of air travel routes and passenger experiences.

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