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Alaska Airlines Begins Selling Extra Legroom TODAY

Alaska Preferred Plus seats

While the plan was reported previously, today Alaska Airlines sent out a press release that it is ready to begin selling seats in its economy class cabin with extra legroom for an additional fee. This is not quite the same as the Economy Plus (United), Main Cabin Extra (American), or Comfort+ (Delta) premium economy products you'll find on other domestic carriers. Instead, Alaska is offering the … [Read more...]

Up to 5,000 Bonus Miles for Using Alaska’s Self-Tag Express

Alaska Self-Tag Express

Alaska Airlines has had a do-it-yourself option for checked baggage for a while now. Self-Tag Express™ lets you print out a baggage tag from the check-in kiosk, attach it to your bag, and then drop it at the counter. In theory this makes lines move faster because the agent spends less time interacting with every passenger; most of the data entry and payment is done using the kiosk. There's now an … [Read more...]

Save Miles with Short-Haul Awards on Four Major Airlines

Alaska intra-state awards

Yesterday I discussed the importance of utility: What can you do with your frequent flyer miles? In addition to flexible routing rules and one-way awards, another useful feature of some loyalty programs is discounted award prices for shorter routes. This isn't as obvious as it seems. Paid fares are always priced in response to supply and demand, not operating costs. There is no real reason why … [Read more...]

Discounted Miles from the Two Most Useful Loyalty Programs

United bonus miles

Lots of people will tell you that currency with such and such loyalty program are worth a certain amount. Maybe 2.5 cents for SPG's Starpoints, or 1.5 cents for British Airways' Avios. But value is about more than just "cents per mile." Utility. That's what I consider most important. What can you actually do with those miles? My dad was frustrated because he couldn't find any British … [Read more...]

Delta Hits Back with Fewer Miles for Passengers on Alaska Airlines

New Delta earning chart for Alaska

Last year Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan announced its intention to award fewer miles when its members credit Delta-operated flights. Now Delta is doing the same when its SkyMiles members credit Alaska-operated flights. I'm not entirely sure why Delta made this change, except that it may signal a further breakdown in their partnership. They've previously announced changes to their reciprocal … [Read more...]

Alaska Airlines Offers Double Miles on New Routes to JFK and IAD

Alaska route map

People keep asking me who's going to win: Alaska or Delta? I tell them that if anything, Delta's increased presence in the Seattle market has encouraged Alaska to expand and made them stronger than ever. That's reflected in onboard service improvements and the new routes they continue to add. Rather than sit pretty on the West Coast, Alaska has focused on adding new routes to key East … [Read more...]

The Best Airline Loyalty Programs in 2015

Airline Middle Tier Status 2015

As I did earlier this week for the best hotel loyalty programs, it's now time for the third annual comparison of airline loyalty programs! A lot has changed since last year's edition, and I put off this project for many reasons. It's intimidating. I'm sure I got something wrong. And not all the changes I mention have been implemented yet; this information is current as of March 1. United's new … [Read more...]