Save $10 on Your First Purchase from LoungeBuddy


You guys know I'm a fan of LoungeBuddy, a free app that lets you find and review airport lounges even when you don't have an Internet connection. This makes it super helpful when you're on the road and maybe aren't familiar with the airport. Check out my first review and an update. For example, I recently flew Delta through Tokyo-Narita. I don't often fly Delta. Nor do I regularly visit Tokyo. … [Read more...]

New AND Existing Customers Can Save $50 on Silvercar


Silvercar was a fabulous sponsor for the latest Frequent Traveler University in Dallas. They donated $1,000 in gift cards to the charity raffle and even brought one of their Audi A4 sedans to the main floor so people could see what they're renting. If you haven't tried Silvercar yet, they are a rental company that exclusively offers these Audi A4s along with a host of other included … [Read more...]

Daily Getaways for Week 1: March 23-27

Daily Getaways IHG

Daily Getaways returns today with five weeks of discounted travel offers. These are often described as a certain type of hotel room or other purchase but in reality are blocks of points that can be used much more flexibly. And unlike most points for sale, which can be at bad prices, these rates are pretty good. Competition for the best deals is fierce; read my tips at the end for scoring the one … [Read more...]

HOT DEAL: Get A Brand New Fiat 500e for $82/month with $0 Down!

Courtesy of

This isn't really travel related but I thought i'd share for people who live in CALIFORNIA! I was browsing through Slickdeals and managed to find a post that stated a ridiculous lease offer for a brand new Fiat 500e Electric Vehicle. At first, I really didn't want to believe it due to how low the price was but 3 hours later, I was driving off in a Fiat for theoretically $0 down and this is how … [Read more...]

Daily Getaways Will Return March 23

Daily Getaways 2015

Daily Getaways is a promotion run by the US Travel Association each spring. A couple years ago it started getting some serious promotion among travel bloggers, and some of the best deals have been really difficult to get. As in, sit by your computer clicking the refresh key over and over while you wait for the sale to launch. But it can be worth it. Some deals are duds. Others offer serious … [Read more...]

Save 12% on Most Fares to and from Washington

Save 12 percent Alaska Airlines

As an early celebration for the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl next weekend, and to recognize their 12th Man supporters, Alaska Airlines is offering 12% off travel to and from Washington State between February 12 and March 18. You must use the discount code GORUSSELL and book travel by January 31. Full-fare economy and first class fares are excluded (discounted first class is eligible), and a few … [Read more...]

Save Big when Buying GoGo Internet before You Fly

GoGo 2

I am not a rabid fan of in-flight Internet access. I check my email, Twitter, and various other online accounts constantly during the day, but somehow I manage to survive 8 hours each night without being plugged in. Similarly, I can manage three hours on a plane with just a good book and some offline writing to keep me occupied. I've done 14 hours, too. But occasionally I do want to get an … [Read more...]