Hipmunk’s Hotel Cheat Sheet May Have Ideas for Mattress Runs

Hipmunk hotel seasonal prices

Hipmunk recently published a cheat sheet on Twitter that provides the average hotel rate by season for 50 major destinations; a more detailed analysis of hotel prices is on the Hipmunk blog. It gave me the idea that this table could inspire trips to certain places just for the ability to book a few hotel mattress runs. Places like Scottsdale in the summer, Myrtle Beach in the winter, and Seattle … [Read more...]

Online Flight Search Continues Moving toward Automatic Filtering

Google Flights

I'm at the Passenger Experience Conference in Seattle today and just listened to James Seidman speak. He's a senior account executive at Google for its travel products and brought up the example of Hipmunk's "Agony" filter as a way that companies are working to simplify the consumer experience to provide better results. Hipmunk automatically takes into account not just the price of a ticket but … [Read more...]

What’s Your Total Cost of Travel?


Hipmunk issued an infographic to people on its mailing list today, and I found it interesting. It outlines all the little ways you can get dinged by airlines, hotels, and associated merchants along the way when you travel. I enjoyed it because it highlights how important it is to take a holistic view of travel and look for lots of ways to save money when traveling. When people ask me where's a … [Read more...]

Winners of the Fly Like a Hipmunk Giveaway


The names are in! Just to recap, here are the prizes, along with the two winners of each prize. Thanks for playing!  The first winner of two Hipmunk baggage tags is #6, twitter follower @TravelSummary, followed by Facebook fan Brian Duncan. A Hipmunk T-shirt went to @yhcg1333 and @BorazHershkovich. @yhcg1333 replied first and asked for a medium shirt, so I hope @Boraz can make use of a … [Read more...]

Reminder: Win Some Great Hipmunk Swag!

Don't forget, you have less than 36 hours to enter my Hipmunk swag giveaway, ending Friday night. You're allowed to enter more than once, so do it again and again to get your entries in if there's something that really catches your eye. :) There are six prizes: two each of some cute Hipmunk bag tags, Hipmunk T-shirts, and Hipmunk stickers for decorating all your travel gear. All you have to do … [Read more...]

Using Routing Language with ITA Fare Matrix


Today I'm going to show you the true power of the ITA Fare Matrix search engine. Some of this routing language has been incorporated into Hipmunk, although it's not widely publicized. (Read my reviews to learn more; there are links in yesterday's Hipmunk Giveaway post.) How to Use ITA Yesterday I introduced how to use ITA for a basic round trip flight from Seattle to Washington, DC. Among other … [Read more...]

Hipmunk Giveaway


A week ago I was at the Hipmunk offices in San Francisco and had a very pleasant chat with co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein. We talked about Hipmunk's strategy of continuing to release new updates to their site as they're developed--trying to be more innovative than their competition and releasing those updates immediately rather than waiting for some "final" version always in the distant future. … [Read more...]