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Here are all the posts I've ever written on travel-related news stories.

Single Engine Aircraft Makes a Parachute Landing Near Hawaii

Emergency Parachute Landing Cirrus

I read on Chris McGinnis's blog Travel Skills that there was a successful emergency landing of a Cirrus SR-22 single-engine aircraft after the plane ran out of fuel over the Pacific Ocean and ejected its parachute. The pilot was ferrying the aircraft from Tracy, California, to the island of Maui and notice a few hours in that there wouldn't be enough fuel to complete the trip. The key reason … [Read more...]

Was a Distracted Passenger to Blame for Evacuating an Airport?

Of all places, CNET had a story yesterday about a passenger in Sydney who was so distracted by staring down at his iPad he exited the security check point, only later realizing he forgot something. When he tried to go back through (the wrong way) he set off an alarm that forced an evacuation of the terminal, ultimately delaying flights by about an hour. See the original story in the Sydney Morning … [Read more...]

WSJ Weekend Interview with Uber CEO

I was going to take the day off, but reading The Wall Street Journal this morning I came across an interesting interview with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber is a car hire service many BoardingArea bloggers love to use. I'm lukewarm. It's a cool idea, but I don't use taxis or town cars very often. The first Morgan Freeman movie I ever saw was Driving Miss Daisy, and like the title character, I … [Read more...]

Train Enthusiasts Have Their Own MegaDOs!


Actually, the first thought that came to mind was "mileage runs for trains," but these people are very clearly not traveling at a discount. If anything, it's a more expensive hobby than mine and can involve last minute flights to remote parts of the country to travel on tracks rarely seen by the public in the case of special events or weather diversions. You might better compare it to the … [Read more...]

Is Loyalty Worth Silver Status? Not Really

Image from the Wall Street Journal, "Silver Status Loses Its Luster for Frequent Fliers"

Just a quick word on today's Middle Seat column from WSJ journalist Scott McCartney. In his piece, "Silver Status Loses Its Luster for Frequent Flyers," Mr. McCartney confirms what many of us have known for a while. As credit card benefits increase to lure bank customers, airlines have had increased pressure to differentiate their elite status tiers to keep top elites happy. And that often means … [Read more...]

Interesting Speculation about the Future of Google and ITA

120424 GoogleFlightSearch

There's an interesting article on Google's acquisition of ITA published yesterday in Xconomy, an online business magazine. While a review I wrote a few weeks ago agreed that Flight Search is still in its infancy (I need to cover Hotel Finder at some point), it has incorporated a few tools with the potential to make searching for mileage runs easier. I found the article interesting for where it … [Read more...]

Visit to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum


For those of you unaware, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum will be switching out the Space Shuttle on display at their Udvar-Hazy facility this Tuesday, April 17. Here's a photo spread of the shuttle's decommissioning by The Atlantic. Last November I was in Washington, DC, at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. Megan decided to fly in for the last half of it and visit friends, and of … [Read more...]