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Manufacturing Spend via Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues

Credit Card Deposits with No Fee

Almost two years ago I wrote a post on my personal blog about a unique manufactured spending method that could be added to your arsenal of MS techniques. It's not for everyone and I made sure to clearly convey that the last time I wrote about it, but it remains one of my most-read posts ever because it's an easy way to move money in and out of an account from the comfort of your couch at … [Read more...]

The Myth of the 2% Baseline on Rewards for Manufactured Spend

manufactured spend

From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... The process of writing a Devil's Advocate column consists of three painstaking steps. Step One is coming up with an idea. Step Two is writing it. And Step Three is consuming enough gin to make it through Steps One and Two. That's why I love Twitter, because people often tweet suggestions at me for Devil's Advocate topics, which saves me the trouble of … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: How to Manufacture Spend Using Bluebird


Last week was a tough week for those that manufacture spend on a regular basis. Target's Prepaid Redcard, otherwise known as Redbird, became obsolete literally overnight. That doesn't mean that manufactured spend as we know it has ended. As I pointed out in one of my previous posts, I actually preferred Bluebird over Redbird for many reasons, and I suspect anyone else that manufactures over … [Read more...]

Today the Last Day to Load Redbird with a Credit Card?

Bluebird vs Redbird - which do you prefer?

Target's Prepaid Redcard might be the best manufactured spending tool we've had over the last few years. It offered 100% free loads directly with a rewards-earning credit card, and you could turn around and pay off that credit card the next minute through your Redbird account. Well, today (5/5/15) is the last day that's true. At least according to Dansdeals, who heard it from a reader and then … [Read more...]

Evolve Money Adds 3% Fee To Payments with Gift Cards

evolve money

Just received the following bad news from Evolve Money via e-mail... Evolve was a really terrific route for manufacturing spend and/or paying large bills such as mortgages when it launched, but over time it's become less and less useful.  They had a resurgence a while back when they opened up fee-free payments via Discover, but that route was closed a few weeks ago when they added Visa and … [Read more...]

TravelCon OC Schedule & Updates!


TravelCon OC is about a month away from now! Tickets are still available for purchase and we've been able to set the schedule for the event on February 28th, 2015. As a recap, TravelCon OC is being held at the Embassy Suites Anaheim-South from 9AM-5PM on February 28th, 2015. Tickets are on sale for $129 still and will rise in price as the date gets closer. We have capped the sales to 125 … [Read more...]

TravelCon: A New Miles & Points Conference Coming February 28

Some fellow travel bloggers and I have been working on putting together a miles/points conference over the last few months. It's actually been a year in the making, but due to various issues we had to delay it. Today, however, we're excited to announce TravelCon OC, a new miles/points event that will take place on February 28th, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Anaheim - South hotel just a few steps … [Read more...]