Cheap Fares Around the Country Today!


I don't normally post on cheap fares, but it seems like fares today are quite a bit cheaper than we've seen in the recent past. As always, my favorite resource to find these deals is The Flight Deal, which I've written about before, and also Flyertalk's Mileage Run forums. I'll keep this post short and to the point: … [Read more...]

Acquiring Delta Platinum Status (and a Backache) with Just One Mileage Run

delta mileage runs

This isn't a Devil's Advocate post, but I've been researching mileage runs during the lazy weekend and stumbled on one that I wanted to pass along for fun, along with a thought on how to maximize it. I'm generally not a mileage runner as I usually don't have the time. In fact, the only official mileage run I've ever done was a roundtrip last year from Los Angeles to Tucson for a few end-of-year … [Read more...]

Are Elite Qualifying Dollars a Good Thing?

For the last seven years, every time I've booked a flight I've calculated the CPM (Cents/Cost Per Mile). This is the amount I spend divided by the distance I fly -- more specifically the number of elite qualifying miles (EQMs) that I earn. Why? Because they determine my progress toward earning elite status, which promises benefits like priority customer service, fee waivers, and space-available … [Read more...]

Fare Sale: SEA to Boston or Philadelphia on UA for $240 (3.5 CPM)


HT to botato for sharing two great mileage runs from the Pacific Northwest on FlyerTalk today. United is offering cheap fares to Boston and Philadelphia for around $230-240 round trip. And although I normally recommend routing through Houston for the most miles, in this case there is better availability through San Francisco. It only shaves a couple hundred off the total and even allows for … [Read more...]

Fare Sale: SEA/PDX to Boston on AS, AA, and UA for $218-260 (3.9-4.4 CPM)

Alaska SEA-BOS

HT to The Flight Deal for sharing a cheap fare between Portland and Boston on Alaska Airlines for just $238. Although it's a nonstop flight so the CPM is higher than my usual goal of 4 cents per mile, often this is close to as good as it gets for this carrier (no stops means no adding connections for extra miles at the same price). However, I did play around with it, and there are lots of things … [Read more...]

Upgrade Shenanigans (of My Own Design)

I’m on my last long-haul trip with United Airlines today, heading to Milan for the weekend. I originally booked the outbound from Seattle to San Francisco to Newark for roughly 1,000 extra miles over traveling to Newark non-stop (the full itinerary earns over 18,000 miles). But I knew that first segment to San Francisco would be the worst: 678 miles on a CRJ with no first class cabin, a 5:50 AM … [Read more...]

Mad Dash for Status in Early 2014?

United just keeps finding new ways to outcompete Delta in developing the most unfriendly loyalty program. I'm not going to do anything different for the rest of 2013. I am close enough that I plan to complete my efforts to reach Premier 1K status. But I will be actively looking for any announcements about changes to American AAdvantage. My soft landing to AA Platinum status this year has not … [Read more...]