New Name, Same Great Stuff


As I warned some readers in the last issue of the weekly newsletter, I recently made the decision to move this blog to a new domain. I'm taking up the "Travel Codex" name that I had previously dedicated to the community forums. You can find the blog here at, and the forums at It's a bittersweet transition. On one hand, I have some fond memories of Hack My … [Read more...]

Updates to the Blog

Here's a quick update at the start of the week. Several of you have asked for a more mobile-friendly format, and I've released a new version of the theme that should accommodate you. In the process I have also adjusted the layout of the desktop site. But it should look very similar. Please refresh or clear the cache on your browser if it is not displaying properly. This setting is located in the … [Read more...]

A New Look for Travel Codex

I've implemented several design changes that affect the appearance of Travel Codex. If the site doesn't look right, you could probably benefit from clearing the cache or history on your web browser. This will cause your browser to download the new theme files and properly display the site when you reload the page. I hope you like the new look. I'm aiming for something cleaner, and it actually … [Read more...]

Have a Question?

When I asked readers two months ago to submit their requests for improving this website, one of them was for a permanent Q & A or other regular series to give people a place where they could post their questions and receive feedback. I’m usually happy to answer emails (some of them faster than others), but I’ve created a new page to accommodate this request. New comments send me an email … [Read more...]

The Honeymoon Is Over

I'm finally back! Hack My Trip has been pretty quiet for the last six weeks or so, minus a few helpful interruptions from Amol and Tahsir. I was busy getting married, busy wrapping up an assignment for my day job, and then busy on my honeymoon. Or rather not very busy at all, since my computer's hard drive suffered a catastrophic failure in the first 16 hours of a 16-day trip. Ah well, Megan … [Read more...]

$100 for Daring to Tell Megan What to Do

Megan winner

Lots of you had ideas about what Megan could (and should) contribute to Hack My Trip if she wants to start writing more regularly. It may be a bit of a learning curve, since she looked pretty exasperated when I showed her that she had to click multiple times to read all 110 comments. And here she thinks I just hang around in my PJs all day eating Cheerios. ...that's just on Mondays. I was … [Read more...]

Win a $100 Gift Card from Mrs. Travel Codex

First Dance

Thanks for your patience this past week. I didn't post much of anything because of all the last-minute wedding planning. If only more vendors offered elite status -- but perhaps that's not the kind of business where you want repeat customers. ;) Now that I'm back, it's time for the second of four contests to thank all my readers for sticking around these past couple years. The first contest … [Read more...]