You Got Cookie, So Share It Maybe?

"Call Me Maybe" is one of the worst songs in recent memory. It reminds me of my aversion toward Michael Buble a few years ago, although that was driven more an obsessed fan in my lab who would play his music three times a day rather than the music itself (which was admittedly a bit catchy). Now the Cookie Monster has released a parody that I much prefer. See, I grew up with Cookie Monster … [Read more...]

The Best Mai Tais in Maui


It's been a long time since my Maui trip report series, and a long time since I've contributed anything to The High Life. Similar to Points, Miles, & Martini's Happy Hour, The High Life is a series on food and drink that I come across during my travels or simply inspired by travel. I took a lot of pictures of food and drink while Megan and I were in Hawaii, and I'm planning now to give an … [Read more...]