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Learn all about mileage runs, including how to survive the redeye flights, make your connection, and secrure extra miles and upgrades for your reservation.

Cheap Fares Around the Country Today!


I don't normally post on cheap fares, but it seems like fares today are quite a bit cheaper than we've seen in the recent past. As always, my favorite resource to find these deals is The Flight Deal, which I've written about before, and also Flyertalk's Mileage Run forums. I'll keep this post short and to the point: … [Read more...]

Are You Eligible? Free American Airlines Executive Platinum Fast Track!


I recently got an email from American Airlines offering a free fast track opportunity for Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum Status. Currently, you can call American and ask for a challenge to a certain status level given that you have status with another airline. Generally, it is very hard to get them to grant an Executive Platinum challenge as they just go up to Platinum usually. Not only … [Read more...]

Acquiring Delta Platinum Status (and a Backache) with Just One Mileage Run

delta mileage runs

This isn't a Devil's Advocate post, but I've been researching mileage runs during the lazy weekend and stumbled on one that I wanted to pass along for fun, along with a thought on how to maximize it. I'm generally not a mileage runner as I usually don't have the time. In fact, the only official mileage run I've ever done was a roundtrip last year from Los Angeles to Tucson for a few end-of-year … [Read more...]

Worst Mileage Run in the World?

BOI-JNB mileage run

SiberianTiger shared a cheap fare on FlyerTalk today that caught my attention because it originates in the Pacific Northwest. But it's not departing Vancouver, Seattle, or Portland. No. It departs from Boise -- the original home of United Airlines in case you find that sort of trivia interesting. The thought of earning over 23,000 miles in a single trip is tempting, but it also looks like one … [Read more...]

Completing My AA Executive Platinum Trial

EXP Status Run

Not that it is such a big surprise, but I revealed in my year-end review yesterday that I requested and received a status trial as an Executive Platinum member with American Airlines AAdvantage. I didn't have my hopes high because I already received an outright status match in 2012. American doesn't normally offer any kind of match to EXP, so why would they offer it to me a second time? For … [Read more...]

Great Alaska/Delta MRs to Hong Kong < 3.7 CPM

Crazy HKG Mileage Run

There have been several great fares to Hong Kong appearing in the last couple days. I sat down this morning before heading downstairs to FTU to see if I could tweak the deals to make them any better. I'm catching up on my bid to requalify for United Premier 1K status (76,000 miles flown or booked) but am still very far behind for Alaska's MVP Gold status. Fortunately, flights on partners like … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Run: United SEA-EWR-MIA for $200 (2.9 CPM)


Having been to Florida twice already this year, I don't think I have the stomach for any more mileage runs to the opposite corner of the country. But it does consistently offer one of the best mileage run opportunities on United Airlines if you can route through Newark for just under 7,000 miles round-trip. The Flight Deal shares a special fare between Seattle and Miami for $200 in United's N … [Read more...]