and last but not least…

Balboa Park - jump shot (me)
Acted like a tourist.

All in all, a fun weekend using minimum $$ and maximum points (refer to marZ’s article for the points). Let’s hope for more entries, imaginary readers. Yay!


p.s. Wanted to leave you with a bit of inspiration. Be positive.

  • marZ

    One note regarding my meal at Phil’s BBQ. I got the combo plate that came with one beef rib, bbq chicken, and my side choice was veggies. The beef rib was tender, flavorful, and overall good…but not amazing. You can tell they didn’t make it to order (meaning they likely make these things constantly and keep them warm until someone orders it), but it was still worth trying.

    The bbq chicken was very good: extremely tender, boneless, and not too much bbq sauce slathered on it. I picked veggies for my side because, well, you can tell we didn’t exactly eat healthy the entire trip!

    The highlight of the visit was definitely the onion rings, though. Make sure you order these with the ranch dipping sauce!

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  • StartInSanDiego

    Around here we call it “San Diego Wild Animal Park”, not Safari Park. It is technically in “Escondido”, which is about 40-45 minutes north of Sea World or the airport.

    • Travel Summary

      Yes, it was quite a bit further out of the way than I was expecting! I’ve heard it referred to as both the safari park and wild animal park, but believe the official name is safari park.